MVI is developing Simple, Safe, Effective and Economical immune-activating therapies for men with all stages of prostate cancer.



Simple Manufacturing


Combined Cost Of Goods for our immune-activating agents portend favorable reimbursement potential for use in combination with checkpoint inhibitors or with androgen deprivation therapies


Our product candidates are in clinical trials as monotherapy, and as combination therapy with approved agents.


MVI products are readily manufactured, highly stable, and are administered by simple skin injection. We target patients with the highest risk of developing bone or other metastases after their initial therapy as well as patients who have already developed metastatic prostate cancer.


“Although commonly referred to as ‘vaccines,’ our products are actually forms of gene-based immunotherapy. They are taken up by cells to stimulate specific responses using the body’s natural mechanisms to fight the cancer.”

Richard R. Lesniewski, PhD

MVI President and CEO

“Our immune-activators do not have to be tailored to each individual patient, and unlike other investigational vaccines, ours can be delivered by simple injections into the skin.”



Our immune-activating therapies use plasmid DNA (genetically engineered material encoding a human antigen) to develop immunotherapies that activate the body’s own immune system to target specific features of prostate cancer cells.





MVI is working with premier prostate cancer treatment institutions in the U.S. to insure high quality trials, maximizing its opportunity to achieve safe, effective, approvable, and reimbursable therapies for patients.